Eastcourt was founded more than half a century ago by Arthur Oosterhof, who initially established a small anodising business in Belmont after emigrating from Holland in 1952.

Arthur’s son Michael Oosterhof became involved in the company in 1980 and soon after began to shift the focus of the business to property investment. Over the past 30 years, a substantial portfolio of quality properties has been developed, which is administered by a committed management team.

Since its early beginnings, a strong ethos of sound business practices, integrity and a strong focus on client service has enabled Eastcourt to be recognised as a well-respected and trusted property investor and landlord.

Motivated by Quality

Eastcourt is committed to providing high quality industrial developments, with careful maintenance and management procedures, to ensure they remain sound investments and continue to be suitable for tenants needs.

Long Term Perspective with Lasting Relationships

Eastcourt strives to develop strong long term relationships with its tenants and to provide responsive and flexible property management.

Eastcourt maintains and manages its own properties which enables immediate and open communication between the parties, ensuring tenants receive direct and responsive contact with the property owner. This also provides tenants with working access to site plans and quality trade specialists who can respond efficiently to maintenance issues.

Eastcourt has a long term perspective when developing its property portfolio and tenant base, with emphasis placed upon continuing close relationships with tenants, and maintaining premises to high standards.